Allum Manor Hall

This section contains a selection of FAQs (“Frequently Asked Questions”)

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FAQs Allum Manor Hall

Setting-up time is included in your booking time. You can purchase additional hours if you need them. Our experienced Centre Managers will be able to help you.
Usually at Allum Manor only one customer uses the Hall at any one time, even if they are using only part of the Hall. On occasions we have more than one function but this is agreed in advance by all parties.
We have experienced Caretakers at Allum Manor and at least one will be on duty during your event. They will try to resolve any of your problems relating to the Hall.
We can make available, for a small charge, a changing room in the Manor House when you have a function in the Hall. You can discuss this when you make your booking.
We do not have in-house caterers here at Allum Manor. You are welcome to bring in your own caterers. Please see our list of “Service Providers” on this website for further information. We recommend that you check out any caterer you may wish to use with the “Food Standards Agency”.
You are free to use any caterer or decorator you wish. Our “Service Providers” page lists different types of Service Provider who have been here and are familiar with the layout and facilities.
Yes, your caterers can bring food already cooked to heat up or they can cook on the premises. All we ask of your caterers is that they clean all the work surfaces and cooking units.
We have an area immediately behind our hall where caterers can do outside cooking and then bring the cooked food into the hall.
Weather permitting; you can set-up a barbeque in front of the Hall by the lawn area.
By all means. Our Gardener maintains the grounds for the enjoyment of our users. While we cannot permit active sports (e.g. knock-about football games) the gardens are open to all. Please speak with a Manager before using them for your group in case another group is already scheduled to be using them.
One of the benefits of Allum Manor is that the Hall is a fairly neutral colour and that allows our guests to decorate the Hall to their chosen colour scheme. Our white and coloured LED lighting can add that special dimension to your event. You can discuss your decoration when you meet with our Centre Managers.
Yes, you can have some decorations outside the hall. You can discuss this in detail with our Centre Managers when you make your booking
We have over 80 spaces for cars. These are for all of our Customers at Allum Manor whether they use the Manor House or the Hall.
You are welcome to bring in your choice of entertainment. We recommend that they use our very good sound system. We have a device in place called a “noise limiter”. This is a requirement of our licence and ensures that sound does not exceed the set levels. However you do not need to worry, as it is set at a high level.
A couple of weeks before your booking we will ask you for a plan of where you would like your tables and chairs set-up for your event at Allum Manor Hall. When you arrive for your booking the Hall will be ready for your decorators.
All we ask you to do is to take anything off of the tables and chairs you, or your decorators, have put on them. We will give you a supply of rubbish bags for you to put any waste and we will also give you one or two industrial size waste bins outside the hall for you to put them in.
No, when your event has finished our Caretaking Team will come into the hall, put away the tables and clean the Hall.
Your guests have to leave by the end of your booking time. Music has to finish 30 minutes before this. So if your booking finishes at midnight then music ceases at 11.30pm. We accept that there will be a small number of people, for a short time, after your function finishes, clearing the tables and waste.